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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooray for Israel!

It would seem that our politics and government are based on Oil dependency. In Israel they have taken a different approach: The government there have shown the leadership and courage to get away from Oil dependency by building 500,000 recharging points throughout the country in preparation for electric cars, which will happen in three years.
But there are some Americans (individuals and individual companies) who are determined to become self-sufficient with or without our government support. Aptera is a company to watch. They produce an electric car for less that $27,000 and it is made in America! Watch their video!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

VOTE America and Americans First. NOT hate and Fear

Now that Obama and McCain and Clinton are ahead, stand by for the dirt. I predict that Obama will be called a Muslim and anti-Christian by the good Christian people. And, I would be surprised if McCain is not attacked again as he was in South Carolina. Smear tactics is the name of the game.
There is another way. Try your best to vote for the politician who is CLEAR on their points of view. Vote for the politician that puts America and Americans FIRST.
Try your best NOT to vote your FEAR, your HATE or through ignorance. You will be getting the emails based on Hate. Do not forward them. Promote America as a good country and promote the candidate that will make America great again. Promote the candidate that will eliminate Poverty, will finally have an ethical and proper JUSTICE SYSTEM in America, and one that will make sure that ALL AMERICANS get the quality education that deserve.

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Kingston - Jamaica
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Virginia Beach
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