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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Do you know the dates 9 - 10 November, 1938? You should. Every American should know what happens when good people do nothing! Kristallnacht (Crystal night) happened in Germany as a result of attitudes and political systems against the Jews. First, Hitler proclaimed a one-day boycott against Jewish shops... Jewish children restrictions in public schools... deprived Jews of German citizenship... and so it went. Good people did nothing... they were not Jews!
Here in America first, we accepted torture (against Muslims), then their was water-boarding (which Senator McCain opposes), then the suspension of habeas Corpus (Under the present rules of our leadership... and so it goes. All acceptable. Good people saying nothing!
Now The Constitution:
The Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable searches, but for this protection to have practical meaning, the courts must enforce it. The Supreme Court let stand a disturbing ruling out of California that allows law enforcement to barge into people's homes WITHOUT A WARRANT... All acceptable. Why? Perhaps it is because the people whose privacy are being invaded are just welfare recipients (Usually black people).
Not all people are affected (yet), but as American, all people should be concerned. Who is next? Before the Nazis were through, 6,000,000 Jews were murdered. Hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people, political dissidents and Soviet prisoners of war were also affected. The attitude that they are only black welfare people should have no place in today's America.
Get involved. Don't be a Good person that does nothing! We are a better country than that!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

$37,000 per year for a totally disabled veteran? Could that be true?

Our veterans’ deserve more; a lot more! If Greenspan is correct and the war in Iraq is mostly about oil, then our veterans should share in the profits since they fought to get the profits to the oil companies.
Our so-call journalists should be asking the hard questions and having asked should be giving us the answers. Instead, we are left in the dark and left to debate the real issues. Our veterans are NOT in a position to voice their opinions; they are not allowed to have any. Their job is to get their orders and do what they are told. They are, none the less human beings; highly patriotic men and women who deserve a lot more!
I read some where that a totally disabled veteran gets about $37,000 per year. While a civilian contractor in Iraq makes over $1,000,000.00 for their 5 year stint there. Could this be true? Look what we are spending in Iraq!
I propose that a disabled Veteran get a $100,000.00 a year for life, and 1000 shares in the oil company of his or her choice. THEY EARNED IT! We can afford it… Look what we are spending in Iraq!

Friday, November 23, 2007

MUSHARRAF: A product of the USA? I don't think so.

The newspapers have reported that MUSHARRAF has re-wrote his constitution, employed torture, suppress voices of oppositions, suspended habeas corpus, appointed loyalists to his Supreme court, installed "emergency" rule to justify his actions, and so on. This actions may sound very familiar but it would be a mistake to believe that Musharraf is simply copying the USA by his behavior.
We, as Americans, must never lose sight of the VALUES that make America great! Leaders will come and go and their motives and greed will change. But, the core values of America are what make Immigrants flock to the USA. It remains the greatest country on earth and a land of opportunity for many.
Water-boarding is NOT American. It is a delight of a few in leadership positions. Torture is NOT American, it is the pleasure of just a few. Torturing and killing of specific racial groups is NOT in keeping with the principles of the USA.
America is a great country and will be even greater when we right the wrongs of today, and start spreading the GOOD NEWS of America around the world.

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