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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do remember when Newspapers printed news?

I don't know Ted Turner, personally, but he did send me a note once. As a former hippie, I wrote to him congratulating him on his "One World" initiative, and he answered me. I Kept that note because I Love the man! Anyway, if I did know Ted Turner, I would love to ask him what he thinks of his creation, CNN? I rarely watch CNN, because, it seems to me, it is mostly the ramblings of uninformed talking heads who avoid the real news as one would avoid the plague. The "news" has been taken out of the cable network. it has become, like its so-called fair and balanced sister, a platform for trivia and and bully pulpit in telling us how unpatriotic we are for not embracing torture as the American way. In spite of the "experts" of the media, I still hold these to be true: Habeas Corpus is a principle not to be trampled with. One's religious belief should be personal and not to be used as an excuse to kill others who don't believe as we do. Oil is not worth dying for, no matter who is making billions tucked away in some faraway land. Finally, as an American, I do NOT approve of making deals with rogue nations by proxy as a way for us to "stay clean". There is something wrong, I think, when we buy Saudi oil, a country that make deals with Yemen to buy oil from Sudan; money of which is used to maim and kill in Dar fur. Where is CNN in exposing these minor facts of life?
Of course, these are just my views, which may be wrong, but, if I think the way I do, may there be others. Wouldn't it be nice to have investigative journalists once again doing what true journalists do: Find and print the Truth. I repeat: I am distressed at how low we have gone in the world of the free press.
Joe's Place is such a wonderful place to visit. It offers what is good about our cyber world. It is the reflections of a true American writer, and it offers insights into our own American psyche. It is non-political, and it merely shows America through Joe's eyes, but it is so refreshing! Even if you don't believe in my fears and concerns, you will believe in Joe's world.

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