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I am a liberal, a lover of people, and a very sensual and spiritual man (though not religions). I love being around free-thinkers and people who have been liberated from Hate and prejudice.

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Friday, April 20, 2007


Microdac energy plan provides tax incentive to individuals who drive cleaner and more efficient cars. This plan would give individuals money back based on the efficiency of their automobile and would encourage auto makers to make more efficient cars. The initial cost would be less than $1billion dollars per 1,000,000 drivers, which would generate 10o times that in commerce. For details listen to the podcast.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I DEFEND IMUS. He made an eror and he is sorry.

I defend IMUS (of Imus in the morning). He made an error and he knows it. It was, I think, a Freudian slip (said in the heat of the moment), and he apologized for what he said. he was being sincere , I believe him and he should be forgiven and allowed to get on with his life. To suspend him or to take him off the air is bowing to hypocrisy! There are far greater atrocities being done TODAY and far worst acts against humanity that is being ignored by the news media. They (the news media) should be help accountable for their lack integrity and for their dishonesty in reporting what is NOT news! What about illegal immigrants? Child slavery? The Iraq war and who is profiting for that war?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

HISPANICS are people, too.

Of course that is an obvious and unnecessary statement, but I wanted to make a point. We paint pictures based on what we are told and what we choose to believe, and not always based on facts. Mention Illegal Immigrants and an image is formed in our mind. We really should examine how we, as people, are fanning the flames of hatred simply based on our own prejudices.
Abuse of illegal immigrants are on the rise, but cares? They have no money and they have no voice and are easily exploited. It is far more wide spread than one would believe.
Exploitation, political and otherwise, seems to be the order of the day.

700 Mass graves

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Kingston - Jamaica

Kingston - Jamaica
This is Kingston looking from Armour heights, Jamaica

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach is exceptionally beautiful with lots of empty beaches (at times).

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